Britain refrendum update

24th June 2016 at 8:53 am Comments are Disabled

After Brexit, PM Cameron announces resignation. Says, will step down before Oct.

Britain on way to exit EU

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The counting on  historical referendum whether to remain in EU or leave it is continuing in Britain. The results so far suggest that ‘51%  want to leave against 48% who want to remain in the union. The counting still continues.According to Kashmir Clarion monitoring the emerging results have began showingRead More

India’s NSG Mission

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China has strongly  opposed India’s inclusion in the NSG group saying ‘ India must join NPT first.’ According to Kashmir Clarion monitoring Switzerland has also raised concern.

Suicide bomber hits minibus in Kabul: police

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Kabul, Jun 20 (AFP) A suicide bomber hit a minibus carrying foreign security guards and caused several casualties today in Kabul along the main road to the eastern city of Jalalabad, police said. The attacker was on foot, according to police, who refused to give a toll but said thereRead More

Electronic Nose To Analyse Your Breath And Find Disease

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New York: Researchers led by an Indian-origin scientist are developing an affordable electronic nose that can be used in breath analysis for a wide range of health diagnosis. While devices that can conduct breath analysis exist, these are bulky and too costly for commercial use. “Smell is one of theRead More

Ramazan moon sighted in Saudi Arabia

Ramazan moon sighted in Saudi Arabia

5th June 2016 at 6:42 pm Comments are Disabled

Saudi Media report June 5, 2016 RIYADH: Ramazan moon has been sighted in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Far East region after which 1st Ramazan 1437 Hijri would fall in the mentioned countries on Monday, Samaa reported quoting Saudi media.

Iraq troops in ‘final assault’ on Islamic State in Falluja

Iraq troops in ‘final assault’ on Islamic State in Falluja

30th May 2016 at 11:40 am Comments are Disabled

The Iraqi army says it has begun an operation to storm Falluja, a bastion of so-called Islamic State (IS). It comes a week after the government launched a concerted effort to retake the city, which has been held by the jihadists since 2014. An estimated 50,000 civilians are trapped inside,Read More