WAGOORA & KHOIE blocks in Sangrama  Consituency get 16 PMGSY projects worth more than 100 crore rupees

Locals hail Basharat Bukhari for bringing projects of a billion to the area

Ashiq Kreeri

Srinagar, May 27 (RNA): In a major boost to the rural development, the Government of India has sanctioned sixteen road projects in Wagoora block of Baramulla district in North Kashmir worth more than 100 crores under the ambitious Prime Minster’s Gram Sadak Yojna . The mega boost to the road infrastructure in the Consituency is being viewed as a major contribution of the former minster and local former  MLA Syed Basharat Bukhari who according to locals has been instrumental in getting the projects approved.  According to Regional News Agency (RNA), the GOI has approved road projects at PUTHKAH km 42nd of Srinagar -Baramulla- Uri highway to Mangam, 9 km length GOHAN to BANDI BALA 10 kms, G Road KHAITANGAN TO TAKIYA WAGOORA 0.5 KMS, SALOOSA TO CHECKI SALOOSA 0.5 kms, KACHWA to SHEIKH MOHALLAH 3 kms,G.KALANTARA to KALANTARA BALA 0.7 kms, WIZER TO SHARKWARA PAYEEN 2.5kms, KALANTARA PAYEEN to WAHIDINA 0.5 kms, DAWLATPORA to DUNGDARA 5.8 kms, DUDBUGH to SULTANPORA 1.5 kms KALANTARA to FAQIR BAGH PAYEEN 6 kms, AUTHORA to CHANDERKOTE 2.25 kms, KALANTARA PAYEEN to DANDMOH  3 kms, WATERGAM to WIZER PAYEEN  2.5 kms. These all 47.75 km length road projects fall in the Wagoora block of Sangrama Constituency which is considered as a huge push to the road network that Mr. Bukhari has already initiated some years back. Local said that a large network of roads under various Central and state schemes has already been established in the various parts of constituency which include CRF, PMGSY, State sector and other schemes. they added these projects would be a huge push to the already undertaken initiative of strengthening the road infrastructure across the length and breadth of the constituency that is extremely important owing to its shared borders with Tourist resort of Gulmarg , Baramulla district headquarter and Famous Wular lake on the other sides.

Besides Wagoora, teo more road projects have been approved in Khoie block of the constituency which include TARZOO to AAKOON PORA  5 Kms and NINGLI road of 5 Kms.

Meanwhile locals have hailed the efforts of former MLA Basharat Bukhari and said the large network of roads was bound to give flip to the economy particularly in Kandi area which has been connected to not only to the nearby Gulmarg but also to the Wular and Hygam wet land through circular road network enabling tourists to travel to explore the bird watching and other water sports activities in Wular on the return from Gulamrg. they added that the activity would boost their economy and create opportunity of employment to the locals.

When contacted former minster and MLA Syed Basharat Bukhari told RNA that he must congratulate to all respected citizens of the Sangrama consituency and added that he was happy to have been able to get them their right.

” Sangrama kay tamaam respected citizens ko mubarak. I am happy that by the grace of Almighty Allah, I have been able to get for them their right.” Mr. Bukhari told RNA. (RNA)