Violating the transfer policy, Engineers, other staff remains unmoved from a decade in R&B div. Baramulla

A works supervisor hasn’t moved from 1987, many are there from last fifteen years. Who cares?

Syed Tajamul

Srinagar, Jun 11 (RNA): Throwing the norms to wind, dozens of officers and subordinates in R&B division Baramulla have remained unmoved from their places from more than a decade turning the division virtually into a private company where everyone seems to be a boss and subordinate to none. Official records in possession with RNA reveal that many Junior Engineers and Supervisors have been hanging on from last four to even ten years. The stay of some officials is even more than sixteen years making mockery of the frequent government’s transfer policy. A per the division record, Assistant Executive Engineer Gurmeet Singh who is Technical Officer to Executive Engineer is posted in the office since 13-10-2015 (nearly four years). Junior Engineer, Peerzada Mohammad Shafi is in the division from 31-12-2013 (more than six years), Firdous Ahmad Dand, JE from 01-08-2015 (nearly four years), Nisar Ahmad Khan, JE from 16-10-2015 (nearly four years), Zubair – ul – Hassan, JE, from 21-07-2015 (nearly four years), Tufail Ahmad Beigh, JE from 26-07-2014 (nearly five years), Mohamad Shafi Ganie, JE from 02-11-2015 (nearly four years), Yasir Rashid Saraf, JE from 22-12-2010 (nearly nine years), Ghulam Mohammad Mir, Works supervisor from 20-11-2007 (nearly 12 years), Abdul Rshid Darzi, W/S from 30-06-1987 (nearly 32 years), Ab. Majeed Bhat, W/S from 04-05-2015 (nearly four years, Parvaiz Ahmad Chore, W/S from 05-12-1992 (nearly seventeen years), Syed Nazir Ahmad W/S from 08-02-2006 (nearly thirteen years), Farooq Ahmad Peer W/S from 20-08-2015 (Nearly four years), Reyaz Ahmad Peer W/S 20-08-2015 (Nearly four years) Ghulam Qadir Sheikh W/S 20-02-2013 (nearly six years) Mohammad Yousuf dar, Gowhar Sultan, Asif Iqbal Khan W/S From 02-06-2003 (nearly sixteen years) Waseem Manzoor Malla, Rasheeda Shaheen W/S 01-04-2008 (nearly eleven years) Irshad Ahmad Tramboo W/S from )1-11-2004 (nearly fifteen years), Abdul Rasheed Najar W/S 20-02-2013 (nearly six years), Sunita Jowhar D.M 16-12-2010 (nearly nine years), Mohit Sumblali J.A 04-10-2014, Anil Kumar 01-04 2014, Rakesh Kumar Najawan 27-12-2014, (nearly five years).

Meanwhile Chief engineer R&B, Kashmir Sami Aarif told RNA that the overhauling of the division would be undertaken in coming days.

“We are transferring the officials from time to time; I don’t know why these officials have not been transferred. We will work on it and transfer the over-stayed officials very soon.” Mr. Arif told RNA. (RNA)