Restoration of Article 370 not possible, must adopt “Politics of Realism”: G. H Mir

“Our party won’t sell hollow dreams, will pursue only achievable targets like restoration of statehood”

“Don’t see elections happening before delimitation exercise”

Jammu, Feb. 01 ( RNA) : Underscoring the need for  adopting “ Politics of realism’’, a close aid of Syed Altaf Bukhari and former minster Gh. Hassan Mir has said that restoration of Article 370 was not possible under circumstances , but added that his group was not against its restoration too . The former minster however, stressed that instead of going after the “unrealistic” agendas, the impending new political outfit would peruse the agenda of “realism and achievability” .

Speaking to RNA, Mr. G.H Mir, who is considered to be one among the closest aides of Syed Altaf Bukhari –who along with other likeminded politicians are intending to float a new political party in J&K- has said, that “Article 370’s  restoration looks  like impossible under circumstances therefore,  the attention  should shift  towards restoration of statehood and immediate relief to the people of the Jammu and Kashmir including protecting land and job rights .”

“We are talking about Politics of realism which means, what is possible and what isn’t. We never said that abrogation of Article 370 was good. Nobody wanted it to go away , but now when it has, it’s restoration seems next to impossible.” Mir told RNA. He added, even if, anybody was optimistic about its restoration, there are only two ways leading to that. “One is the Supreme Court where the matter is pending. If Supreme Court restores it, it will be welcomed by all people of the Jammu and Kashmir. The second way is, if there can be a consensus among the National Political parties on its restoration because ultimately it is they, who have to do it in parliament.” Said the former minster, adding that he doesn’t see it happening anytime soon.

“Can or Will the BJP which has abrogated the special provision restore it.?  My experience tells me , they will never.” He opined, and observed that even congress didn’t seem to be heading towards that direction.

“Has Congress ever said that it will restore article 370. Can they afford to include it in their manifesto? They may say that BJP hasn’t done good by abrogating 370, but have never promised of restoring it.” Stressed Mir, who is tipped to be a key member in the emerging alternative political front of Jammu and Kashmir.


When asked to elaborate about  “ achievable” and  “realism”, Mir told RNA that Statehood , job, land rights, release of political prisoners , economic packages, issues concerning to people particularly youth were some of their targets and they would peruse them in coming times.

“ The Prime Minster and Home Minster , both have said that Statehood would be restored . I think, that is achievable. Similarly Job and land protection are also achievable goals . Isn’t this our duty to peruse these achievable goals?” asked the former minster.

He underscored the need to plead their demands at appropriate platforms and said they will continue to peruse the “achievable’’ goals.

When asked what prompted them to think of floating a new political front when there were already many in the mainstream, G.H Mir said, coming together of many “ like-minded’ political leaders was need of the hour because ‘ distress and disappointment’ had rendered  people dejected and hopeless .

“Post Aug. 05 2019, a wave of disappointment had crept in everywhere and people felt that everything, be it land, business etc. has been lost. Political leaders even the three former Chief Ministers have been kept under detention. In this scenario there was a dire need for someone to stand up and take some initiatives.” He said . Elaborating further, Mir said,, “ According to me, the  Political leaders are the bridge between government and the people and that had collapsed completely . We made an attempt to drag attention of Govt. towards the immediate problems of the people, hence met Lt. Governor with a memorandum based on two parts. One part was of course for the GOI to take action on.”

“Our first demand was to release political leaders, youth , lawyers, traders and otters who have been detained after August 05 . There are many who have been lodged in the jails outside J&K. If anybody’s release is not possible due to any reason, such detainees should be shifted back here at least. Our other demands included  restoration of  internet and other things.

We observe that ever since that meeting , many have been released, 2G restored and many other initiatives taken. But we believe this is not sufficient. Much more has to be done. There should be a Complete restoration of internet in the UT.  We have the national highway which remains cut -off for 20 days in a thirty day month, leaving people distressed. We demanded that besides rationalizing the air fares, army Dakotas must be pressed in service to ferry people form and to valley. Fruit growers have suffered severe losses, traders, tourism, every sector has suffered. Steps must be taken to compensate the loss.” He said.

When asked to explain, how would be their impending political party different from National Conference, PDP or People’s Conference, G.H Mir said ,

“This Party will not promise what we can’t achieve. We will not sell hollow dreams. National Conference was talking about Autonomy, Protection to 370.  PDP was talking about bringing Self rule, but everything went down the drain in front of their eyes and they couldn’t do anything. Had they told truth to the people that this was up to the wish of the New Delhi, probably they ( People) would not have been as hurt as they are now. So we will not make fake promises and will restrict ourselves to only achievable targets.” he Insisted.

While urging the people to move ahead with a “positive mindset”, Mir said that if they want prosperity, the only way forward is to have “positive mindset” as the negative frame of mind would lead them to more sufferings and chaos.

Mr. Mir while inviting youth to be the stakeholders in the new political process  said, that National Conference and PDP have never strengthened the gross root democracy for which they should be taught a lesson and added that the new political dispensation would strengthen the democracy at the gross root level so that youth become active partners  of the new process.

He also commented  about the future of National Conference and PDP, and  said . “No party dies. Yes, they grow weak with the passage of time but parties never die.”

He also ruled out elections in immediate future and said, “I don’t see election happening before the delimitation process is finished. According to reorganization Act, they will be undertaking the delimitation exercise and elections could take place only after the exercise is over.”( RNA)