Restoration of Adminstrative seniority as per Recruitment rules and giving away with incharge system utmost important: DAK

Srinagr, Mar 15 (RNA): Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) welcomes the steps taken by the administrative department of Health and Medical Education (H & ME)

Department directly under the supervision of Hon’ble Advisor Shri K Vijay Kumar and worthy Principal secrtary, Shri Atal Dulo viz restoration of administrative seniority in health department which will enthuse the new energy and confidence among medical officers and Consultants.

President, DAK,  Dr Suhail Naik said that “DAK has been time and again demanded the restoration of administrative seniority in health deparment as per rules and regulations drafted strictly in recruitment rules for appointing such officers”. Dr Naik added that, “In peripheral hospitals it has been observed that it becomes difficult for senior doctors to work under administrative officers who are junior to them which lead to indiscipline and unworthy work culture”.

General Secretary DAK, Dr Owais H Dar further added that, “restoration of administrative seniority is prior and 1st step in giving away with in-charge system as it is only possible that administrative officers can be confirmed after due process is followed lad under recruitment rules. Once confirmed Administarive officers are set in place the undue political interference in health department at local levels can be avoided to large extent”.

DAK urges Hon’ble Advisor Shri K Vijay Kumar and worthy Principal secretary HME to further look into the matter so that this long pending demand of  Doctors is met once for all. (RNA)