Resolve NHM Employees demands through result oriented negotations..

Pressure tacts will further complicate issue..Rafique Rather

 Srinagar, Fab 11 (RNA): In a press statement Sr.EJAC leader Mr.Rafique Rather expressed serious concern that the demands of NHM employess are not taken seriously by the goverenment. He said that the demands putforth by NHM Employees are geniune and justified and added that inspite of repeated assurances by the respective goverenments, nothing has been done so for to resolve their issues, which have compelled them to resort to agitational path as a result of which health sector has badly been hit and patient care in farflung areas is suffering badly. Rafique urged upon the Goverenment to immidiately consider the geniune demands of NHM Employees and avoid pressure tacts initiated by DC Bandipore and Baramulla. Calling the orders issued by some DC’s as arbitrary Rafique Rather said that NHM Employess have been working in farflung areas since decades in extremely bad conditions but are paid meager wages and they find it difficult to feed their families.

Rafique Rather urged upon NHM leadership to devise a strategy for protest which would not affect health sector especially in extreme cold conditions. (RNA)