Power Crises

Amid severe Cold and Sub zero temperatures, Kashmir  Valley is facing frequent power outages which has put the people through an ordeal. The unscheduled  and long power cuts in almost all  parts of the valley  have  not only distressed people but also caused a slump in the economic activities. The Power Development Department (PDD) is resorting to frequent cuts even as it received the snub earlier by the regulatory body, State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC), for turning to the unscheduled outages. Power cuts in valley during winter months are not a new phenomenon , what has made  it different and difficult this winter though , is the unwillingness of government to draw additional supply from Northern grid which would have eased pressure to a certain level.

Government has consistently failed to improve the power supply scenario in the region and has been shielding itself behind the old blame game  of holding  the people  responsible for resorting to theft . It is of the view that poor infrastructure and huge transmission losses are the other factors responsible for the frequent power cuts. If really that was the only cause, one would be forced to ask  as why the infrastructure has not been augmented all these years despite launching of various projects costing crores of rupees.

Union government has sanctioned many schemes for up gradation of infrastructure including the transmission lines and has released crores of rupees for the purpose. Besides this each legislative member has One Crore rupees at his disposal for the transmission and transformer purposes. But despite all this, there hasn’t been any improvement in the system and people continue to suffer especially in the bone chilling cold faking all the excuses of the government that always hold ‘power theft’ responsible for the mess . There is a dire need of fixing the responsibility and holding the PDD officials accountable so that things start moving in right direction. Only blame games and ‘power theft’ excuses won’t absolve government of its responsibilities of providing better power supply to the people. It has to be pro-active in ensuring that not only the people are given relief but also ensure that the money meant for the infrastructure development purpose is spent properly .