Does New trend of victimization under Political garb suits Kashmir Polity!

Where are we heading to ?

Mushtaq Ahmad
A few days back Senior Congress leader and Former Parliamentarian Tariq Hameed Karra’s spouse Aasifa Begum went public accusing government of resorting to political vengeance and harassment. Aasifa -whose Sister Aasiya Naqash is a Minister in Mehbooba Mufti’s Cabinet- has raised serious concerns over the working of Mehbooba regime accusing some of her cabinet and party colleagues of using bureaucracy and administration to full fill their political goals. She has even gone to the extent of accusing them of resorting to ‘political hooliganism’ and disrespecting even the judiciary.
Obviously Mrs. Karra was referring to the ‘land dispute’ her family is engaged with the government. The Karra family claims to have all the legal documents right from 1947 in support of the hundreds of kanals of land which they claim to have inherited from their ancestors. If that was really the case, then according to Muslim Personal Law and the prevalent law of the land , Karra is the legal heir and co-sharer of the property as the succession never stops. The case is in the High Court of the Jammu and Kashmir which has as per the family issued status quo orders and directed the authorities to make it sure that the orders are not violated and a status report is filed to it. What is interesting in the whole drama of ‘arrogance’ as they call it- is that even the Custodian General of the sate endorses their allegations of violation of court orders. In his official letter to custodian (Kashmir ), the CG has squarely held responsible the field staff for allowing the violation to happen and cautioned them that if the process was not stopped, all responsibilities of any legal repercussions or reprisal would lie on him and his staff. The CG was preferable hinting towards the alleged forcible occupation of the 33 kanal patch from the same land by some people who they claim- have backing of a particular PDP Minister and Karra’s political rival. Many scuffles have also broken out on the spot in the past days , with even locals of the habitation coming out to protest against the ‘ forced occupation’ , but nothing seem to deter the ‘ occupiers’ who seem unwilling to back off.
The question is not whether the land belongs to Karra family or not. That is the court to decide in the light of documental evidence which the family claims to have produced before the court in support of the argument _. What really is worrying is the allegations of ‘political hooliganism’ which was unheard of in the state’s political history until now. There has been hardly any precedence where any senior Politician’s wife would come public accusing sitting ministers of not only using government machinery to settle scores but also going too far to even ignore the High Court orders.
What is even more astonishing is that even some Congress legislators had approached his Excellency Governor N.N Vohra to use his good office for the implementation of High Court Orders but as the congress leaders said, nothing seems to be bothering Mehooba Mufti Government while dealing with political opponents. They even accuse the Minister of using the name of Prime Minster Narendra Modi for what they term “taking revenge’ to Karra who had criticized Modi for his Kashmir Policy in 2016 agitation before quitting the parliament and PDP.
This is a serious allegation which needs to be looked into. If the minster Karra is hinting at is really involved in settling his personal scores while taking cover of anti- Modi- Statement, the BJP has certainly a question to answer. And the question is , Has BJP intruded too deep into the PDP, that it uses its ministers to crush all those who oppose the Prime Minster.? Or have PDP Minister gone too far to even drag Prime Minster into their personal conflicts. Whatever the reason may be , the conflict has surely dragged the attention of the public regarding the new and dangerous trend of Kashmir Polity where the state administration could find an entirely new and serious role of muzzling the opposition voices against the favours they would be expecting from treasury benches . But if this trend is really been allowed to groom, the state is bound to slip into anarchy and Jungle Raj , therefore Chief Minster Mehbooba Mufti needs to take a call and set the house in order before she herself loses the plot.