New Delhi’s Road Map on Kashmir focuses on recasting the socio-political, administrative setup in state: Dr Mustafa Kamal

Srinagar, 14 July (RNA): Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Sunday asserted the state is facing a critical situation following attacks on its identity, saying the dispensation at the center and the state is unbearably averse to the special constitutional position of the state.

Addressing various delegations workers party’s additional general secretary Dr Sheikh Mustufa Kamal said the incumbent governor’s sole agenda seems to axe all the vital institutions of the state. “The governor’s bent of mind can be gauged by his sheer aversion for the popularly elected government. He has been sent to Kashmir to obliterate every remaining remnant of the state’s identity and uniqueness. Today we see how an alien and laid back group of advisors is playing shots in the state. The majority population is being pushed to wall. The Muslims of the state are feeling alienated in their own state. The aversion the current administration has for the majority population of the state is explicitly visible in the decisions of the SAC. The present administration has set a trend in motion of unseating Muslims from prestigious position. Ever since the state has come under the direct rule of the center, no chance is let go unutilized of unseating Muslim Heads of departments.  I wonder if a pattern can be replicated in other states. No one can even dare to visualize having all the top brass of officials in a state like UP, Maharashtra from a minority community. This is adding to the anxieties of already restive and sad people,” he said adding, “it also shows the sheer degree of suspicion the New Delhi holds for Kashmiris.’

Party’s additional general secretary said that the Modi government’s new road map focused on recasting the socio-political and administrative setup in the state that is bereft of any representation from the majority community of the state. “Not just that the unemployment rate in India is at its all time high, the data from various reliable quarters reveal that it is 45 year high. The unemployment ratio in the state far exceeds even that of the country. The youth of our state in particular the valley of Kashmir are being denied safe spaces to peruse their vocation. Nothing substantial has been done since 2015 to create jobs for the employed youth. The whole administrative setup is beset with ineptitude. There is no accountability in offices and departments. The district hospitals and other vital installations of the government are at the receiving end of it. The roads are battered, not even a single watt of electricity was added to the state’s energy pool.”

Exuding confidence into the workers, Kamal said the situation in the state is very crucial in wake of numerous onslaughts on its special constitutional position. “The forces as are inimical to the identity of the state are using various means to dent the identity of the state. It is the Muslim Majority character of the state that has traditionally irked communal forces of the country. Now that we have an erstwhile fringe ruling the roost, we have to be extra cautious about our special status. Needless to say how badly the central government predisposed is against the interests of the state, the occasional diatribes of the central cabinet ministers against Art370, Art35-A is not hidden from anybody. The New Delhi hasn’t given up on its practice of cultivating its henchmen in the state. Such people are coming up with catchy slogans in the every nook and corner of the state. It is high time for us to not allow such modern day Bakshi’s and Sadiq’s rob us of our special position. The situation today is like that of 1977, it is NC verses the all. However as long as the people remain vigilant no one would dare t to touch our identity,” he said.

Kamal said the party will continue to strive towards achieving the goal of restoration of autonomy in the state. “We have to protect the pluralistic character of the state. Our idea of development espouses equitable development for all the regions and sub regions of the state. We stand for de-centralization of administration.”