JKPM leaders visit Mazar-e-Shuhda to pay homage to 13 July martyrs

Vow to fight for restoration of civilian liberties.

Srinagar, July 13 (RNA): A delegation of JKPM leaders comprising Vice President Organisation Affairs Feroze Peerzada, Vice President Political Affairs Advovate Syed Iqbal Tahir, Advocate Uzair Ronga (Convener & Political Advisor) and Imdad Gazi district president Srinagar visited martyrs graveyard (Mazar e Shuhda ) at Naqashband sahab shrine in downtown Srinagar and offered fateha and floral tribute to the martyres.

While paying their respectful homage to the martyrs of 13th July, 1931, they said that the martyrs laid down their lives against a regime of oppression and tyranny.

They said their martyrdom marked the beginning of a long struggle against injustices and oppression meted out to the people of the state at the hands of autocratic rulers.

” This day is remembered as the begining of struggle of the people of Jammu and Kashmir for protecting thier dignity and honour and upholding the values of democracy, social justice and human rights, “the JKPM leaders remarked adding that sacrifice of the valiant martyrrs continues to be the torch bearer for the people especially youth of the state in their fight for basic rights, freedom of expression and safeguarding the peculiar identity of the state. They said it was the sincerely of their mission that the sacrifices of the martyres were being still remembered by the people of the state with the same spirit ,respect and zest.

They expressed regrets that the voice of the people of the state was once again under gag.

The JKPM leaders reiterated resolve of the party to fight for safeguarding honour and dignity of the people of the state and restoration of peace and civilian liberties.