Imran Ansari demands probe into I&FC and Block works in Hanjeeva and other areas

ACD Baramulla refutes allegations of not reaching out to people at the time of crises

Srinagar, Jun 12 (RNA): Fumed over the damages caused by flood like situation in Various parts of Hnajeevera, Tangmarg and other areas, former minster and People’s Conference leader Imran Raza Ansari Wednesday demanded an indepth probe into the various works executed by the Block Development and Irrigation and Flood Control Department. Ansari held both the departments responsible for the damages caused to the properties in the area due to flood like situation.

Speaking to RNA, former minster and MLA Imran Raza Ansari accused departments including Rural Development and Irrigation and Flood Control for not taking the matter seriously and said only police saved the property and came to the rescue of the people. Ansari while demanding a thorough investigation into the works particularly the bunds constructed by Irrigation and Flood Control  and Rural Development departments  in the area said that all those works failed in the testing times which proves that the material used was not upto the mark and the quality was compromised. He said a thorough investigation must be conducted as who did these works and who approved and issued the bills without testing the quality of the works. The former minster said that whether that is the BDO or the I&FC department Engineers or the locals who executed the work , all guilty must be handed over to police.

Meanwhile the locals alleged that bunds constructed by the Block Development Office sank like paper boats and said the local Block development Official were responsible for the huge caused due to the bunds breaches.

Though BDO Singhpora Dr. Sheeba could not be reached for her remarks as her phone was off, the Assistant Commissioner Development Baramulla Yar Ali Khan rubbished the allegations of not reaching out to the people at the time of crises. Speaking to RNA, the ACD said that he was himself in the Hanjeevera area to ensure that every possible help could be provided to the people. When asked how the bunds his department had constructed breached so quickly, the ACD told RNA that usually his department does not construct bunds from last few years and it was Flood control department which was doing most of these works. He however, said that this was a matter of investigation and he will see if there were any works carried out by his department who failed the testing times.

“This can be looked into. We can check the records and see which work was done by our department and why didn’t that withstand the water.” Mr. Khan told RNA. (RNA)