Human Rights Violations !

At a time when the ‘ human Rights ‘ day is being observed all over, , J&K has been in news, lately, for alleged violation of human rights . In the last five months, the state particularly the valley has witnessed mass arrests, detentions, use of lethal weapons on protestors, detention and arrest of human rights activist, suspension of phone and internet services, alleged arson incidents and people being bared to offer Friday prayers in many mosques. While government refuses to admit of having indulged in any kind of rights violations, some known organizations like Amnesty International have raised voice against the use of pellet guns on protestors. The neutrality of reputed bodies like AI and UN cannot be refuted as they do not have any stake in regional politics . Therefore rejecting their findings cannot be justified.
The use of word ‘maximum restraint’ has become a routine now in Kashmir which needs to be rephrased. Time has come when government must take the human rights violations seriously and act as tough against the ‘violators’. It would be wise to speed up the pending enquiries and put those to task who are proven guilty. Punishing the guilty would help government in regaining the lost trust and bring accountability among forces. The government must act swiftly to ensure that its credibility is not eroded anymore and general public not alienated further.