Fraud in GP Fund accounts in Bpr health offices established, yet no disciplinary action

Enquiry Committee suggests govt to wait for Crime Branch report.

Srinagar, Apr 15 (RNA): Even after establishing a ‘fraud’ in fictitious G.P Fund accounts and ‘fake appointments’ in the health department in Bandipora district, the Departmental enquiry committee has surprisingly avoided to recommend any disciplinary action instead has suggested the government to wait for the outcome of the crime branch report.

Regional News Agency (RNA) has learnt from the sources that the enquiry committee established to probe the alleged G.P Fund fraud in District Fund office Bandipora has finally arrived at the conclusion that fraud was actually committed and a large number of fictitious G.P Funds accounts of ‘illegally appointed’ health department officials in Bandipora district were created ‘ illegally’ .It has however, not recommended any action against the culprits, thus making a possible attempt to shield the culprits at least for the time being.

“ The committee finally came to the conclusion that some unscrupulous officials in the health department in connivance with one another, may have managed entry of illegal appointees in the health department through fictitious G.P Fund accounts at the time new Districts/ Administrative units were created and officials were posted in the new administrative units from the parent districts resulting in evasion of the illegal appointments at various levels, therefore , it will be proper to await the outcome of the enquiry of the matter by the Crime Branch of the J&K Police as they bare in best position to carry out a detailed enquiry giving the fact that the matter is related to two districts involving many Drawing and Disbursing officers.” reads the enquiry report

The enquiry was initiated by Government vide Order No. 673-HME OF 2018 DATED 07-12-2018 regarding the ‘fictitious G. P Fund Accounts in the health department in District Bandipora.

RNA has learnt that during the course of investigation, the District Fund Officer, Bandipora stated before the enquiry team that during posting the subscription/ withdrawal amounts of the subscribers into their ledger Accounts, they observed that a vast number of G.P accounts in consecutive order bearing the code/ series of district fund office Baramulla were in operation at District Fund Office, Bandipora. He is believed to have also told the committee that, operation of the account numbers issued from the other district in consecutive series gave rise to suspicion regarding the genuineness of these accounts. “To identify such numbers, they made an exercise and  some 226 Account Numbers  pertaining to various offices/ departments issued from the fund office Baramulla were listed as suspicious and were forwarded to the DFO, Baramualla Vide their letter No. DFO/BPOR/1505-a DATED 111-10-2017 for conveying their genuineness.” The DFO, Bandipora is believed to have submitted before the committee.

Sources further  told RNA, that upon the investigation , the DFO, Baramulla vide letter Number CAO/DFO/Bla/ 2604-05 dated 28-11-2017 conveyed that out of 226 Account Numbers, only 19 were found genuine and issued from their office.  Sources said that 129 ‘fake’ GP Fund Account Numbers were in operation in the three Medical Blocks of health department including BMO Bandipora (26), Hajin( 17) and Gurez ( 86) .

Sources added that these accounts were created by the ’mischievous’ officials by utilising the series of other district Fund Offices for making subscriptions of ‘illegal appointees’ in other districts.

According to sources, during the enquiry, the CAO, District Fund Office Bandipora had informed that the concerned DDO’s and the ‘fictitious account holders failed to submit the documentary evidence in support of their account numbers being genuine.

If sources are to be believed despite all this, the enquire committee has chosen to not recommend any disciplinary action and suggested that the government should wait for the outcome of the crime branch of J&K Police.

Meanwhile a senior officer in the health department while defending the decision of enquiry team for not recommending the action as of now, told RNA that since the case was already in the Crime Branch and it was necessary to wait for their report so that a disciplinary action is initiated against the erring officials. (RNA)