Far too much at stake in Kmr. than individual aspirations : Junaid Matoo on new political alignments.

Srinagar, Feb.02 ( RNA): Stating that the current year  would be a ” defining point” in the Political history of Jammu and Kashmir, People’s Conference leader and Srinagar Mayor Junaid Azam Matoo has said that there was ” Far too much” at stake in Kashmir than what Individuals ” Want”.

According to RNA. Matoo while hinting towards new emerging political  “alternative ” said, that he wasn’t contesting anybody’s right to aspire , but there was much more at stake in Valley than the “individual interests.

“Everyone – including Mr. Bukhari has a right to aspire. Not contesting his – or anyone else’s right – no. However, there is FAR too much at stake in Kashmir than what him, me or any other individual “wants”. In ways more than one —- 2020 is the new 1987- a pivotal/defining point.” Tweeted Matoo. In many other tweets , Matoo has targeted the group without naming anyone saying, the group has thrived on a ” Status quoist and corrupt political system .”

“Most of these applicants – including those for the top post – have thrived on a status-quoist, despotic and corrupt political system and one can only dread the future – if it involves them at the helm. There are FAR greater stakes here than ONE man’s obsession to become CM! ” he tweeted . In another tweet , he said ,

“The fastest way to rock bottom in Kashmir will be to allow this perception to take root that Delhi is allegedly curating a re-branded, re-fashioned group of former politicians (mostly from PDP) to portray themselves as an alternative preferred by the Center.”

“These are my two bits on this issue and the present developments. As the Mayor, I choose to focus on the developmental needs of the people and try to remain away from  demagoguery – so these are my views as a young Kashmiri mainstream politician – perhaps just as a Kashmiri!”

The tweets however, evoked mixed reaction from twiterites with  many questioning  even his own election  to Mayor of Srinagar Municipal Corporation.RNA