Drug Department faces ‘staff shortage’ crises, with Single ADC holding charge of N- Kashmir to Ladakh

Eight ADC posts lying vacant, Proposal of promotion gathers dust from last one year

Srinagar, July 08 (RNA): Even if the anti- drug campaigns have gained momentum across the alley with social, political, religious and other organizations launching campaigns, the department of drug control seems ‘unaware’ of its responsibilities and the only stakeholder which appears to have no ‘stake’ in anti- drug campaign. The Drug Control department has eight Assistant Drug Controller posts lying vacant and four more are falling vacant in coming few months owing to retirement of its various ACDs.
The ‘casual’ approach of the authorities can be gauged by the fact that a single Assistant Drug Controller has three to four districts as additional Charge making the work culture a biggest casualty in these districts. Sources told RNA that the additional Charge syndrome has not only ‘overburdened’ its officers but has also almost paralyzed the whole department with many not able to even work wits satisfaction.
Ishrat Amin , Assistant Drug Controller Srinagar is also holding charge of ADC Ganderbal and Bandipora . M. Bashir has the ADC Charge of Kupwara, Baramulla, Kargil and Leh. One fails to understand how an officer can shuffle between Baramulla, Kupwar and Ladakh region and how can people or authorities expect an efficient delivery of the system under such circumstances. Sources told RNA that a proposal of promotion to various vacant posts was sent to higher authorities last year which was yet to be approved causing immense problems to the department and public alike. They said four of the eight vacant posts of ADCs were to be filed by means of departmental promotion but the authorities at Health and Medical Education Department were not willing to do that which has created so much problems in the Drug Department. (RNA)