Cross border Shelling

The cross border shelling between India and Pakistan has triggered a large scale migration along the borders and line of control in the state .Thousands of people have migrated to safer areas   as the shelling continues unabated.

The tensions along the borders refuse to die down in the wake of continuous heavy exchange of firing between the troopers of both the neighboring countries. Large number of people along the border are living in a state of fear due to the escalation in tensions following the Surgical strikes by India, a claim vehemently denied by Pakistan. The continuous tension on the borders could lead to a stand off between the two nuclear power neighbors resulting in an unprecedented confrontation that could jeopardize the peace in the sub continent.

In such a scenario, it is prudent that the two sides engage in a fruitful dialogue on all issues including the Kashmir- which has only worsened the relations between the two countries. India and Pakistan have already fought four wars and neither side can claim a victory as the loss of human lives has been unprecedented. There is a need that the skirmishes are reduced and the measures are taken to break the logjam between the two countries. The engagement needs to be started both at the political level as well as at the military and diplomatic level to end the stand-off in the region.