Bad roads, cause of concern !


The condition of roads in Kashmir incites pity as loose gravel and pits have developed on roads across the valley due to recent snowfall and rains. The condition of roads is pathetic almost across the valley with authorities unwilling to show any urgency to undo the wrong doings .Many road  projects either  are moving at a very low  pace or have been stopped altogether. Only few projects that are sponsored by the Centre have shown some consistency while as development projects promised by the state government have mostly seen the flip-flop attitude.  The government has been  promising  to repair the roads that were battered by the inclement weather, but the repairments have been symbolic in many areas with no serious efforts being put in place by the authorities to bring accountability in terms of quality work. . What is ironical is that the government refuses to come out of the slumber until people hit the roads.  Many areas have become accident prone owing to the pits and cracks that have developed on road surfaces. Commuters also get to suffer damages after having bumpy rides on the worn out roads. It is also a failure of the administration, particularly in Kashmir division, that the matter has not been taken up and people have been left to suffer  . The situation of countryside and rural roads is far worse than the city and no one in the administration seems bothered to bring relief to the people. Many roads have become almost non- motrable risking the lives of common people. There is a dire need of a strategy revisit viz a viz road sector so that the people do not suffer anymore.