Why Gender Equality in Bollywood? Explained By Naseeruddin Shah

Actors Naseeruddin Shah and Kalki Koechlin featured together in Waiting and in an interview with NDTV, Kalki said that she would like to do an item number. “An item number is on my bucket list,” said the National Award-winning actress.

Kalki said that if there was one thing which she could remove from the industry, it would be mediocrity; adding that there have been times when she was told to do ‘regular acting.’

“I have been told to do just regular acting and not intimidate people,? said Kalki.

With promising reviews coming in for Waiting, both Naseeruddin Shah, 66, and Kalki, 32, said that it’s kind of scary because when audiences like a film, it doesn’t run. But between critics and audience, it’s the filmgoers review which matters to both these actors.

“I envy actors like Kalki,” said Mr Shah.

“In the 70s, Om Puri, Farooq Sheikh, Smita Patil, Shabana Azmi and I didn’t have these kind of opportunities. But these young actors have broken the mould and somewhere, I will take the credit since we laid the path,” said Mr Shah.

Women are having a golden run in Bollywood but Mr Shah begs to differ. “There is no gender equality. It’s solely the hero’s domain and he is not going to champion the cause of the heroine. It’s a while to gender parity,” said Mr Shah.

The actor said that he will write a tell all book about Bollywood soon and it would be in third person with Bollywood’s best kept secrets out.

Well, we can say that we are waiting for it.

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