Uttarakhand: Cabinet Minister Harak Singh Rawat’s nephew thrashed by girl for cheating on her

New Delhi: In a video that has recently been uploaded on YouTube and gone viral on the internet, Ankit Rawat, nephew of Uttarakhand cabinet minister Harak Singh Rawat is seen being slapped and thrashed by a girl for cheating on her and maintaining contacts with a number of other girls. In the video, Ankit can clearly be seen crying and apologizing to the girl.

It appears that the girl who is thrashing Ankit Rawat is in a relationship with him and is enraged upon finding out that Ankit is going around with several other girls. The incident captured on camera took place in Banjara Wala area of Dehradun.

According to some media reports from 2016, minister Harak Singh Rawat has a rape case lodged against him in the Safdarjung police station of Delhi. He has been charged with rape several times prior to that as well but either got a clean chit or the complaint was withdrawn.

In the beginning of his nephew’s video, the girl can be heard threatening Ankit that if he leaves the spot without sorting out the matter, then she will reach his home, whereas Ankit is requesting her for something. Then she goes on to ask him if he will not even spare her sister. Then she holds him by his shoulder and pulls his hair alleging that he “uses” girls. Then the girl forcefully makes him say and promise that he will not repeat his behavior in future. She further threatens him of beating him up if he asks any girl out to which he says yes. She goes on to warn him of spoiling his political career which he is perhaps aiming to achieve.News Dog /  Top yeps